What you need to know when looking for a painting contractor

 Painting Contractor Bonney Lake

Every second of your life counts and if you want the best paints on your property it is best to invest in a professional painting contractor Bonney Lake or any other part of the country. Hiring a professional to get your painting job done not only relieves you of the stress of getting your home or office painted, but you can also rest assured that the job will be well done. However, the biggest problem is to find the right contractor for your property painting project. The lines below will help you get hold of the best professional who is well-suited for such a project.

Authentic Sources for Information:

Your most authentic sources for finding reputed and professionally experienced painting contractors include family members, friends and co-workers. One or more of these sources have opted for painting projects for their homes and can provide you with names of contractors who have offered satisfactory results. In fact, you can see the works of painting contractors first hand by visiting the properties of these sources.

Other sources of referrals include general contractors who have gained reputation in your area, or contractors associations and networks. Most organizations under these categories comprise of members who are properly insured and licensed. Finally, you can also search online for well-established painting contractors in your locality who have records of undertaking such projects successfully in the past.

Getting Estimates:

After you have narrowed down your preferences from the referral, you should find out the estimates of minimum three contractors. When you enquire about the estimate you should be specifically clear about the painting project you want the contractor to undertake. Don’t forget to discuss with the contractors all your concerns and expectations or any other aspect of this project which may influence the price. You can use the questions provided below as guidelines while asking questions to the contractors:

  • What type of projects does the company generally undertake- residential repaints, painting new homes, commercial space painting or apartment painting, etc.?
  • Is the company/contractor (independent) properly insured and licensed/bonded? (There are some states that do not mandate licensing)
  • For how long has the company been offering its painting contractor services?
  • Does the company subcontract its projects?
  • Does the company provide written guarantee for the work it undertakes?
  • Can the company provide 2-3 references of previously undertaken projects?
  • After receiving the estimates, you need to ensure that the price ranges of all 3 estimates are almost the same. If there is wide difference in the estimates then you must enquire about the reasons for extra charges or cost-cutting.

Reviewing the Contract:

Having received satisfactory answers to your queries, you can proceed to review the contract before signing on it. Make sure the items below are outlined in the contract:

  • Specific and clear details on all that requires painting
  • Covering and masking details
  • Surface preparation details
  • Time required for completing the project
  • Paint type and colors to be used for individual areas
  • Payment details including how and when the contractor is to be paid


Asking questions to clear your doubts before signing the contract will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble and hassle. Make sure to check the previous painting projects of the contractor/company you have selected before hiring the company. Once every detail is signed by both parties in writing, you will be spared of shedding extra money and can get your painting done on time. These same tips can help you find the right siding contractor and roofer as well.