Have you looked into truck driving school?

Truck Driving School Portland

In reference to the 2011 statistics as outlined by the U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), truck driving job outlooks seem quite favorable predominantly between the year 2010 and year 2020, with a probable 21 % growth rate. Every journey as any individual would relate to, begins with the first step and for this occasion, to stand the chance of greatly benefiting from this new development’, you not only need to earn a CDL (Commercial Driving License), you also need a good driving school to achieve this and Truck Driving School Portland is the ideal fit for this objective.

But what exactly do truck driving schools need from you and what do they offer in relation to helping you attain your goal?


In several nations and states, for instance, Portland, for an individual to acquire a CDL, they must have attained the minimum age of 18 years (21 years relative to Interstate trucking). Moreover, it is mandatory to pass two main tests: a knowledge exam (written) and a subsequent skills test.

With the skill test, it is inclusive of a simple vehicle control exam, pre-trip inspection of the vehicle and an ensuing standard driving test (on-road). Nonetheless, depending on your preferred license class and consequent endorsements, additional skills and knowledge tests may be mandated for instance driving a standard school bus or even tanker trucks.

Whatever the requirements or tests, a suitable driving school should get you through it with ease. However, not all truck driving schools have the capacity to inspire the required results and skill set which is why you need to go for only the best. How do you identify the best?


There are particular aspects that will establish and boost the prominence of a truck driving school over other mediocre ones. Some of these aspects include:


It is not rocket-science that every operating business, company or venture needs to have certificates that identify it as a legally operating entity. Ensure that the school you choose is appropriately certified and genuine. This will not only save your time in the end but will also help you avert cases of fraud and scams.

Drive Time:

The school should offer a minimum of 44 hours for your actual trucking time. This is not inclusive of observation time.

Equipment and Facilities:

If you are to perform well in your assessments and evaluations, you are obviously going to use equipment and not just typical equipment, but rather operational ones. Moreover, it is also important to ascertain that the school has the essential facilities that will facilitate proper learning such as a considerable range for driving practice, spacious classrooms and most importantly the trucks!


Although quality service cannot be quantified in monetary terms, it is important that you keenly go through all the costs and whether they actually cater for everything you require. Additionally, check for additional fees that may have been omitted from the main school brochure for instance insurance or even obtaining of permit costs.

The driving school you ultimately decide to undertake your trucking lessons from, may have a momentous influence on your potential career and while the list to select from is endless, they do not all offer the same quality of service. Failure to acquire a certification from an accredited institution may harbor your potential to score a job in the future which is why the importance of attending a suitable, accredited and good truck driving institution cannot be downplayed.